Introducing The Style Teacher

As some of you may know, and others may have an idea; I love fashion.  But I am teacher so that in itself presents quite the conundrum   I cannot dress like someone out of a magazine because I have to be able to get on the floor and get kind of messy.  I also have to stay warm because I live in Wisconsin which to this Danish girl feels like Antarctica at times.

Having 3 kids and being sleep deprived most of the time thanks to the 4 year old also means that it would be really easy to just not care about what I wear, but I do, so I started a fashion blog a couple of years ago.  Because why not show the world how huge I get while pregnant with twins or chalk up some of my more adventurous outfits?

Not that fashion blog; poor og rich, has to move to WordPress and with it comes a new name and a new look, The Style Teacher.

So while my main goal will always be teaching, I have decided that it is ok to try to look good while doing it.    Judge for yourself at The Style Teacher

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