Let’s Celebrate Those Kids

Ask my husband and he will tell you, I seem to have been in a funk lately.  Nothing serious but just the feeling of a cloud hanging over my head.  Today, during our staff meeting, as we discussed gains in test scores, I couldn’t help but feel a little more down.  Yes, gains in test scores are something to acknowledge but there are so many other things I would rather celebrate.

How about we celebrate the kid who 2 months ago couldn’t go a day without telling me how much he hated writing, who today told me his story was done but that perhaps he needed more details.

How about we celebrate the kid who asked if they could blog just one more time because they really had something they needed to say to the world.

Let’s celebrate the kid who told me they couldn’t wait for Wednesday where they would get to build their model in science.

Or the groups of kids who told me not to worry about a sub tomorrow because they know exactly what to do and could probably run the day without the teacher.  We promise we will make you proud, Mrs. Ripp.

Let’s celebrate the kid who volunteers, even for the boring stuff, just because they want to help.

Or the kid who always has a compliment to whomever seems to need it the most.

Let’s celebrate the child that remembered the formula for a triangle and then was able to teach the rest of the class.

Let’s celebrate the kids that know they are onto something but just not quite sure how to get there.

Let’s celebrate the kid who told me they were starting over because this was no good and they knew it and there had to be a better way.

Let’s celebrate the kids who try, try, try and then tell others about how they are trying.

The kids who aren’t afraid to put their faith in me every day hoping that the adventure we are about to go on is something worth there time.

Let’s celebrate those kids and their accomplishments.

Not always their test scores.

Not always their data.

But them, those kids.  Let’s celebrate them.

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