Global Read Aloud and I Get a Bammy Nomination

Those who know me know that I struggle with nominations, badges, and awards.  I have no problem nominating others, I believe great people and initiatives should receive as much recognition as possible, but I tend to shy away from highlighting myself.  That is not what I am here for.

In the past few weeks, tweets and Facebook posts have been propping up about the Bammy awards 2013.  I know of the Bammys and have found myself conflicted with the self-nomination portion but at the same time excited that at least some people are trying to elevate people within education because my goodness someone has to.

This morning, in a week that has been nothing but tiring, I received news that I had been nominated for a Bammy by the academy behind it.  At first, I was shocked, then very surprised.  However, when I read the nomination and saw why they had nominated me I wanted to scream with joy.  This nomination is now about me, but about the Global Read Aloud and that I can promote any day.

Here is an excerpt from the nomination, and yes, you can vote for me, but you don’t have to.  But do join us in the Global Read Aloud 2013, because that is where the real magic will happen.

Amazed almost every day by the extraordinary initiatives launched by educators in the trenches that remain largely unknown despite the impact they are having. The work of Pernille Ripp under scores why it’s so important to broadcast whatis right in American education. Pernille is the creator of the Global Read Aloud. From her site:

The project was created in 2010 with a simple goal in mind; one book to connect the world. Now with three years under our belt and more than 30,000 connections made, we realize we are on to something larger than us so we look forward to continuing the global connections.

The premise is simple; we pick a book to read aloud to our students during a set 6-week period and during that time we try to make as many global connections as possible. Each teacher decides how much time they would like to dedicate and how involved they would like to be. Some people choose to connect with just one class, while others go for as many as possible. The scope and depth of the project is up to you. In the past we have used Twitter, Skype, Edmodo, our wiki, email, regular mail, Kidblog, and any other tools we can think of to make these connections. Teachers get a community of other educators to do a global project with, hopefully inspiring them to continue these connections through the year. 

How do you measure the instructional value of Pernille’s initiative? How is her level of passion and commitment captured in a standard teacher evaluation? Clearly, any teacher who manages to touch 30,000 lives is extraordinary. We are honored to nominate Pernille Ripp.


2 thoughts on “Global Read Aloud and I Get a Bammy Nomination

  1. Big congratulations on your nomination! Nothing you should shy away from because you inspire so many people at so many different levels. When I feel like "what's the point?", it's people like you that drive me forward. I am happy if I can reach a few of my students. But to reach 30,000 people all over the world is something to praise!

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