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A Child’s Imagination Lost

it’s poetry month and my student shave been sharing these incredible, thoughtful, and often breathtaking poems.  Today, Buddy, a students of mine who is such a writer, left me this on my desk.

The thing that kept me occupied
For hours and hours
Was something so valuable
How come I lost it?

The thing that kept me happy
On the days I felt so down
The thing that I used to treasure
Long, long ago

The thing that kept my days
Worth having fun on
The thing that I relied on
For most of my childhood

Why now as I play games and write stories every day
Why aren’t those times fun?
Probably as I grow older
I will lose my treasure; my imagination

As I stood there with his gift in my hand, I knew I had to ask; what do we do in schools to safeguard a child’s imagination?  What do we do to help them keep it?  Or will they see losing their imagination as byproducts of going to school and growing up? 

2 thoughts on “A Child’s Imagination Lost”

  1. Buddy just showed this to me. He thinks that he loses a little bit of imagination each year he grows older, but I disagree. I think he doesn't realize just how imaginative he is. Thanks for featuring his poem on your blog. He is very excited and proud.Laura (Buddy's mom)

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