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We Cannot Measure

…This is my most precious moment…and he places a picture of a person who has passed away under the document camera and takes my breath away.  Tears and stammered out questions about the picture.  He asks if he may sit down…and the tears keep coming from me, from him, from everyone.

We cannot measure student trust on a test.

We cannot measure the community that allows a kid to share their most precious moment and then show the emotions that accompany it.

We cannot measure the bravery that comes from knowing how vulnerable that child made themselves.

We cannot measure the tears the other kids got when they saw how much this meant to him.

None of that gets measured on a test.

None of that will ever be a part of my educator effectiveness evaluation.

Not the tears.  Not the moments.  Not the trust or the care we have in each other.  Because no one would ever know how to measure it.  And so they don’t.

And yet, those moments, are the ones that make my classroom a community.  Those moments are the reasons the students thrive, grow, and love school.  Those are the very moments that should count the most.

Yet instead they focus on math, reading, bubbles filled in correctly and then pretend that it gives them a full picture of that child.  Pretends that they know the strengths and weakness of that kid.

We know it doesn’t.

When will the outside world learn?

2 thoughts on “We Cannot Measure”

  1. …and he trusted you to see him in that vulnerable state… and knew he was safe… because you created that community for him. đŸ™‚ Special moments, indeed.

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