If I Were at #ISTE13

While life got in the way for me to attend ISTE this year and present on the Global Read Aloud, I cannot help but think what I would do if I were there.
So if I were at ISTE, I would
  • Probably be totally overwhelmed but loving every minute of it.  Big crowds, many people, millions of things to learn = brain overload.
  • Meet as many people as I could and not just the “important” ones.  There seems to be a sort of twitlebrity thing going on at huge conferences which I find odd.  Everyone that you meet could be the next big thing so why not treat them that way?
  • Talk less, listen more…  I mean actually listen, not just pretend to listen until it is my turn to talk. (Thank you Jen)
  • Go to sessions I know nothing about.  I tend to go to things that I kind of know something about but I think this time it would be all about discovering the unknown.
  • Go to hear about things I don’t agree with.  I admit that I often shelter myself from opposing viewpoints once I have formed an opinion, after all, I am merely human, but here would be m opportunity to go and listen to why people do some things that I would never ever do.  
  • Say thank you to the people who create the things I use.  Thank you to KidBlog for creating the best blogging platform for my students, thank you to SimpleK12 for believing in me, to Edutopia for giving us all a platform to share, to Edmodo for making the behind the scens stuff so easy to do for the Global Read Aloud.  
  • Be telling people about the Global Read Aloud.  I am so proud of this project and how it has grown that I just have to share it with everyone I meet.
  • Find some alone time.  I know that seems counterintuitive to my being overwhelmed comment but sometimes we need to take the time to just think and digest while we are in action.
  • Remember why I came; to connect and to learn and to be myself.  I think sometimes when I meet people I think I need to be something I am not, so this for me would be my chance to be exactly who I am; an extroverted introvert who laughs at strange things and has a strange sense of humor.  
  • Find as many as my #WIAmigos as I possibly can. What can I say bit that they are good group to hang out with!

If you are at ISTE what would you do?

4 thoughts on “If I Were at #ISTE13”

  1. This year I have the privilege of attending ISTE. We arrived last night and start our journey today. I have never been to this type of conference so I will take your advice and see where it takes me. I look forward to meeting MANY people.

  2. Love your list, especially, "There seems to be a sort of twitlebrity thing going on at huge conferences which I find odd. Everyone that you meet could be the next big thing so why not treat them that way?"And you know what? Even if the person you meet is not the next big thing, we are all educators trying to do what's best for our students!That's why we are there!

  3. I'm behind in my feeds, but I wish you had been there at ISTE. I would love to have had the chance to meet you in person and talk about books and the GRA. Maybe in Atlanta? The Twitter celebrity thing is weird, and I'm not sure I really understand it. I have friends whom one might say are "twitlebrities," yet they are always kind, warm, and inviting to other people. Most spent hours and hours welcoming and helping folks in the newbie lounge. They are don't act as if they are better, and yet, people still approach them like they are. We were in the airport leaving and a lady approached my friend (an educator with LOTS of followers) and asked to take a picture with him. She never even introduced herself. She just took the picture and ran off to post it. It was weird.

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