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Some Videos to Inspire at Back to School

I wrote my post asking administrators to inspire us back to school simply because of my own hopes and dreams.   I wrote it in the hopes that it would make someone think while they prepared their own meetings and activities, and it seems to have done just that.  One question I have then gotten is which videos to show at back to school?  And while I had a few in mind, I asked on Twitter and got many great responses.  So in no particular order, here are some of my favorites.  (I tried to pick shorter ones because I know my own attention span is limited at the beginning).

Brave by Sara Bareilles – I will be showing this video to my students as well, but the message in it applies to everybody; I would love to see how big your brave is!

The Fairy Scientist – to remind us how kids wonder and we should cultivate that.

Suli Breaks – Why I Hate School but Love Education.  I use this with my students to discuss what the difference is between education and school and how we can change it.  I would love to see this as an all staff conversation.

Suli Breaks – I Will Not Let an Exam Result Decide My Fate.  Again, phenomenal spoken word that is sure to get discussions started.

Rita Pierson – Every Kid Needs a Champion.  Phenomenal video discussing those kids that need us the most.

Diana Laufenberg – How to Learn? From Mistakes.  Another phenomenal Ted talk from someone I admire greatly, this will spur a great conversation with anyone.

Introduction to Genius Hour.  I am super biased here since I do both Genius Hour and Innovation Day so why not spread this wonderful way of learning.

Kid President – A Pep Talk.  One of my favorite videos from last year and one that still resonates with me; It’s time to do something!

Jimmy Casas shared the videos he shows, there are some great ones here too I haven’t shared.

And then why not create your own school vision video like we did a few years back.  Let everyone know what we stand for.

18 thoughts on “Some Videos to Inspire at Back to School”

  1. Thanks SO much for sharing these. I hadn’t seen the Brave one OR the Fairy Scientist one and I love them. Going to share them with my colleagues so you should know you’ve created this lovely huge ripple effect. Love it when that happens! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on ed tech in ten and commented:
    This is a great list of motivational videos – I am excited to use some of them this school year. Which one do you like best and why? Or are there others you would add to the list? I think I would add Ashton Kutcher’s Teen Choice Awards speech.

  3. Hi Pernille~ I so appreciate your sharing these videos! I love the Fairy Scientist and will share it with my class this year!

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