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My Students’ Classroom Vision

Every year I ask my students to come up with their vision for 5th grade.  This year I wanted to somehow use the song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles since it not only has an incredible message to all of us but also a very catchy beat.  Here is what my students came up with this year, I am so proud of them.



35 thoughts on “My Students’ Classroom Vision”

  1. Pernille, this is amazing. I am completely knocked out by such creativity and inspiration. Thanks for sharing so quickly. Can’t wait to see what they’re up to next

  2. That is awesome! I might have to steal that one. Animoto is such a great tool to use. Every year we have our 6th graders on our team make a My 3 Words phrase and we videotape it and show it to the parents on curriculum night. I might have to do this just for the class. How did you get it started?

    1. I did the My Three Words with my class and used Animoto to put it all together. I showed it to parents at Back to School night and my parents clapped. It was the perfect ending to the night.

  3. Impressive Pernille! You can see from the video that your students have fully embraced a “brave”, “risk-taking”, positive culture. This is speaks to your strength as a teacher. You must be pleased and proud. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I had my HS Intro to Business class watch this to inspire them to be creative. Your 5th graders did a wonderful job! Did you use Animoto?

  5. Yes, all done in Animoto. The students watched the “Brave” video then decided how they would be brave,created their posters and we took pictures of them. In groups they brainstormed the “We will…”statements and then stuck them in. Super easy but wonderful.

    1. Do you have the Premium account for Animoto? I have paid for the level that allows to me make longer videos but I don’t know what level you have to pay for to make the words appear on the video and not just the pictures. My pictures always change too quickly and I don’t feel like each students shows up on the screen for very long. I loved this one!

      1. I don’t, I have the awesome educator account which allows me to do plenty of stuff. The songs determine how fast the clips go by so I always play around with that to make sure students don’t just whiz by. Also, the educator account allows you to put in the words in the video as text. Good luck!

      2. Amy, you can apply for an educator account. That will allow you to make longer videos for free. I made my My 3 Words with Movie Maker. Maybe I will try it with animoto next year.

  6. Absolutely awesome; you always make your class an incredible incredible one!. I’ll have to show this to my 6/7 class who started their “One Sentence” projects today and consider setting the video to music or voicing their “One Sentence”.

  7. This is wonderful! I started the year with this song as well- I want my students to be BRAVE when faced with something they find utterly terrifying… writing! I love your idea here and may adapt it for my class. I’m thinking (now) of having my students make posters of their “golden lines” and making a slideshow like this for open house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Fantastic, loved it and loved some of the brave choices by the students. Good luck for a great year. Well done and thanks for sharing.

  9. So glad I found this on twitter! I teach about trust and courage and your students’ message is such a perfect marriage of message and media on bravery. I’d love to show this to more people with your permission. @Sue4Stephenson

  10. Found this video/your blog via A Year of Reading–Thank you for empowering your students to HAVE a vision! Beautiful use of music and a common prompt.

    Continue to be brave!

  11. I love what you did here with your class – very inspirational. I, too, have an education account with Animoto, but I didn’t see those little extras you inserted – tabs of paper, envelopes, etc.

  12. What an awesome video! Loved it. Maybe I can do “Happy” with my first graders. I’ve taught 5th for 12 years–headed to first this year! This will be fun. Thanks for the idea.

  13. Hi, I am very interested in your classroom theme idea but the video won’t play. Can I get a link? Thanks.

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