Do You Need a Style Pick Me Up? How About a $100 One from Loft?

Many years ago as I went to college full-time I also worked at  Loft.  Perhaps this is where my critical eye of teacher style was honed, but it definitely helped me build my own beginning wardrobe while giving me skills I still use today.  So while I don’t really do promotions on this blog, after all I want to keep it real, when Loft contacted me to do a giveaway I felt it was my time to give back.

First the details, between October 15th and October 20th any teacher who shops at Loft (and shows their teaching ID) will get 25% off full time purchases.  Now for the cherry on top one lucky reader of this blog will get a $100 giftcard to shop with from Loft.  So how do you get this awesome gift card?  All you have to do is leave a comment detailing either your biggest teacher fashion pet peeve, your biggest fashion blunder, or tell me why you need this gift card.  Now I wish I could give one to everyone that reads this blog, I am sure we could all use it, but I do only have one.  You have until Sunday evening at 8 PM CST to leave your comments.  Have fun shopping!


Update:  The contest has closed, however the promotion starts tomorrow.  Happy shopping!

35 thoughts on “Do You Need a Style Pick Me Up? How About a $100 One from Loft?”

  1. You do have the best “creative and hip” fashion of any teacher I have met! I love your style Mrs. Ripp!

  2. I do love your style and love that you post about fashion, among so many other relevant, current issues.. As an art teacher, I save many loft-able clothing items for non-clay days….or non glue-heavy days…I’m still (proudly) wearing loft skirts from years ago when I could afford shopping at the mall!

    1. p.s. most of my ‘art teacher’ clothes are ruined from paint, papier-mache, and eeK! glitter…but my art smock (that my dear momma made me 13 years ago when I began teaching) will protect some fancy new loft items!

  3. My biggest teacher pet peeve is when the contestants on TLC’s What Not to Wear say they don’t want to look like a teacher. Excuse me, but some of us do have style!

  4. As a guy, my biggest pet peeve is when people (usually men) wear navy with a black belt and black shoes. However, I did have a professor that graduated from Oxford and wore almost every outfit with a pair of cat shoes. Although I see the former more often, the latter is forever memorable of what not to do.
    Oh, and I’d use the gift card as an anniversary gift for my wife.

  5. Teaching and being fashionable can be such a challenge for some people, myself included. I love the art of high fashion (and just good old fashioned know-it-when-you’re-in-its presence style), but I’ve also fallen victim to cardigans and khakis…sometimes multiple times per week. I’ve come to love the worn and weary look of my favorite educators: folks for whom fashion has become the last thought as they ready themselves to do the often-messy work of being with young humans day in and day out, tasked with the heavy responsibilities and heartbreak that is teaching. I love this blog because it reminds me to keep trying fashion-wise. It’s a little push for when the energy reserves are low and I ponder the closet landscape on Monday mornings. I would take one of my teaching colleagues shopping with this card, and we’d have fun laughing at avoiding our shared pet peeve: the awkward short pants, socks and “comfort shoe” combo. (Men and women in education are equally represented as victims of this fashion triple-threat!)

  6. My daughters have been my what not to wear fashion advisors and I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a cardigan with apples on it.

  7. This would definitely help assuage all those teacher nightmares of showing up at school in your pajamas! Definitely a teaching faux pas.

    1. My pet peeve is Pajama Day at school, which is supposed to be a celebration. Many of my colleagues love school wide pajama days and are happy to wear them. I tried it once just to be a good sport and was self conscious all day long. I have to find other ways to be a good sport because I will never again participate in Pajama Day at school!

  8. My 8 year old boy is my fashion consultant. He is quick to tell me if my shoes are teacher-like or not. He is not a fan of my most comfy shoes.

  9. My biggest pet peeve for teachers is when they reveal too much. Yes, I think we need to have personal expression as individuals. However, plunging necklines need to be out of the classroom. I feel uncomfortable with ladies who wear very low cut items (or thongs). Children learn more than academics from their role models. Teacher need to dress the way that they would like our future citizens to dress. I ask that teachers keep their assets to a minimum in the classroom.

  10. I am a young-minded teacher, so I am aware of what middle school students SEE in a woman’s body. I wear things that compliment my shape instead of distort it. I have extra in the middle, so I am careful to wear things that don’t SHOW that. However, I know quite a few teachers who really don’t care that they have muffin tops, or bulges, or panty-lines, and I hear the students talking about them. It’s hard because what can *I* do to help? I can’t be like “hey, teacher who has been teaching for twenty five years longer than me, your bulges are distracting to the students.”

    I would use a Loft gift card for some beautifully tailored pants, a button down that doesn’t gape across my chest, or some awesome accessories!

  11. I would LOVE this gift card! I am a single mom who is in her 2nd year of teaching and teaching another grade level this year(4th to 5th)! I feel I am in the movie Groundhog Day reliving the dreaded 1st year of teaching again! I am a single mom on a tight budget and my wardrobe are usually thrift store finds! Would reAlly love to get a wardrobe boost! Fingers crossed!

  12. My biggest pet peeves are the clothes that are inappropriate, tops that are too low cut when a teacher bends over, shorter skirts, too-tight clothing…being around kids means you have to be careful and cognizant of what you are wearing! Loft has lots of great, appropriate options…would love to win the gift card!

  13. I am a 5th grade teacher and I agree with what everyone has said about clothes that are too revealing or clothes that do not cover up those muffin tops. My pet peeves are teachers who do not respect our professional status, i.e. graphic tees, worn out jeans and hats. It’s a shame that our local banks have stricter dress codes than we do.

  14. I come to teaching as a second career and have been kind of shocked with some of the clothes worn by teachers. Biggest teacher fashion pet peeve: I have asked my team to please kill me if I ever show up for class wearing clothing with teddy bears, cutsie pumpkins, gingerbread men, or other cutisie type kid thing. I do not dress for my students. I am a professional and I dress in comfortable but professional clothing!!

  15. When I first started teaching ages ago, I shopped craft shows for my work wardrobe. I loved jumpers made out of mattress ticking, embellished with painted apples or holiday symbols coupled with Keds and bobby socks. One day, I wore a skirt with hose and heels, and one of my third graders complimented me, “Miss Shelton, you look like a WOMAN today!”

  16. Last year was my first year back in the classroom after 15 years of staying home with my kids. I was so focused on being a “good” teacher that I neglected myself. I quit going to them gym early in the morning and went to school instead. I ended up gaining 15 pounds over the year. This summer I made a commitment to get back into the gym and to eat healthy. I lost all the weight and have kept it off…many of my clothes from last year don’t fit anymore! I’d love to get some updated things that fit from the Loft! On another note, thanks for your wonderful blog…it was just what I needed as I reentered teaching.

  17. I could really use the gift card because I have made a series of errors when selecting work pants at Banana Republic. The good news is, I’m always prepared for a flood… Please pick me so I can try again and get some appropriately long pants. Love your blog, Pernille!

  18. Does walking around with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe like a tail count as a fashion blunder? Yup, that was me one day. I teach 8th grade and you can only imagine my embarrassment when a student finally had the guts to tell me about lovely “white thing” trailing behind me. Otherwise, I feel like a fashion blunder on a daily basis. Being tall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; it is very difficult to find long pants, but I love the pants and skirts at The Loft. I could really use this gift card because we recently became a “one-income family;” yes, my husband recently lost his job. This isn’t easy when the one-income is that of a teacher. If I don’t win, I still really appreciate the tip about the discount, so thank you.

  19. As a single parent who spends all of her time either caring for her students or my son, I would love the gift card to just take care of me. I need to spice up my wardrobe. I put on 15 pounds from the stress of testing and now my clothes don’t fit and I can’t afford to cover up my muffin top, except with the help of my many school t shirts and my denim jacket.

  20. My pet peeve? Inappropriate attire including short tight skirts with stiletto heels on an elementary teacher of a certain age (and I don’t mean under 30). I know none of us want to dress like someone’s grandma, but we don’t want to scare small children either. For those of us who already have our AARP cards, it’s still possible to look stylish, professional and comfortable.

  21. It really bugs me when teachers don’t dress like professionals. I understand that sometimes teaching is messy and we don’t want to mess up our clothes with paint and glue and dry erase marker…I have ruined a few favorite pieces with those markers. However, if we, as teachers, want others to view us as the dedicated and professional people we are, we have to present ourselves in a way that conveys that.

    I could really use a few cute cardigans and dresses to extend my wardrobe options for fall and winter! Thanks for offering this to your readers!

  22. I’m a former preschool teacher, working on my K-8 Teacher Certification. I just started my Student Teaching at a school where all the teachers and staff are very fashionable and chic. My preschool teacher attire of jeans and t-shirts aren’t going to cut it! A gift certificate to the Loft would help me convey my professionalism in an outward manner.

  23. Mrs. Ripp, thank you for this opportunity. I would like to win this gift card so I may give it to a teacher friend of mine who works really hard, so hard she doesn’t have time to shop for herself. She is an inspiration to the rest of us in that she knows her students so well, and takes care of them emotionally as well as academically! Help me thank her for all she so willingly gives!!! @sbuhner

  24. I am really not digging the trend that leggings are pants. They are not pants and they never will be pants. 🙂

  25. I’d love this gift card! As a teacher — this is my 5th year in 5th grade — the Loft always has comfortable, yet stylish looks for the classroom. I like to keep it simple, yet chic. Comfort is a must and the Loft has classic pieces that LAST. My sister and I share clothes ALL the time – so this gift card would mean a lot to me, as well as her! Us girls (especially sisters) gotta stick together, saving money by sharing! A great lesson to our students! 🙂

  26. I am a librarian and don’t want to look like the stereotypical librarian. I don’t have time to get my hair cut so I wear it up. I also wear glasses. I already don’t teach like the librarian stereotype and with this gift card, I could look like to look like the polar opposite of the stereotype. Save me!

  27. I would love this gift card, the loft has such timeless classic clothes, I love it! My biggest pet peeve is clothes more suit for dancing than for teaching…ack!

  28. I need this gift card, because I’m a HUGE fan of Loft. Loft offers quality clothes at affordable prices for fashion conscious teachers like me! 😍

  29. I would give my card to a teammate who LOVES The Loft, and doesn’t have a great deal of disposable income right now!

  30. My biggest fashion pet peeve is the “teacher” sweater that I have been given by many aunts and uncles that now sit in the back if my closet. Would love to update my wardrobe!!

  31. One day I was teaching a child at the white board in my brand new ATLoft top. As my sweet, shy, student turned around, her red whiteboard marker slid across my top. Her horrified and frightened eyes met mine. I felt so bad for her at that moment, My favorite blouse was ruined but I know she felt terrible. I acted like it was no big deal but was very dejected. Finally, I had saved to buy something for me but couldntnwear it again aftwr many destaining attempts!! I would loved to replace my top and more with that $100! 😊

  32. Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on here, there were so many great ones that I wished I could pick all of you as winners. I had a random number generator pick and it picked Rose’s comment, she has been notified. Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving a comment.

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