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Ode to My Daughter

DSC_0175Dear Thea,

I remember it well, your birth, your first child tends to leave such an impression.  You showed up just on time, New Years Eve, and this night of celebraton took on new meaning as we held you in our arms.  I cried.  Daddy smiled.  And we had no idea what we were doing.

Today you turn 5, my feisty little girl.  In September you will start school full-time and I will no longer get to keep you at home when I feel like it.  I will no longer get to take you places when I want to.  Instead you will get to learn and grown every day and you are so excited for that.  But before you leave me for school, there are things I wish for you that cannot be wrapped in a present and opened with your siblings standing watch.  There are things that I hope you do that will make the biggest difference.

May you always stay feisty.  Not so much that you hurt others with your attitude but that you believe in yourself and have a strong bone in your nose as we would say in Danish.

May you continue to want me to read just one more book, knowing that within the pages are stories that are waiting to be told, and stories that are waiting to be discussed.

May you continue to love with all of your heart.  To want to be with others even if they are strangers at first.

May you still want to learn and love school as much as you do now.  To continue to think that you can learn, that you are smart, and that what you do matters.

May family still matter to you.  May you still smile even when the twins take your things, or when Augustine gets big enough to come home and steals our attention.  May you continue to know that you are our first and that the years we spent with you have been the happiest of our lives.

May you always stay true to your nature, that kind, strong-willed, stubborn little girl will hopefully grow into a kind, strong-willed, stubborn woman who will find someone who loves her as much as daddy and I do.  

May you always fight for what is right, what is fair, and keep caring about how others feel.  You are the first to notice when someone is sad, you are the first to notice if someone is left out, don’t lose that, noticing others is one of the biggest gifts we can give as human beings.

May you continue to believe that you can be a Power Ranger when you grow up.  That girls can do whatever they want and that you can battle anything that comes your way.

I may have many wishes on this 5th birthday of yours, but my biggest one is this: May you always know that we would not change the way our lives are, that you made it better, that you made it matter.  You matter.



3 thoughts on “Ode to My Daughter”

  1. Brought tears to my eyes as your words resonated with me for my daughter. She has grown into a confident, feisty, caring young lady of 19. She makes me proud every day. Thanks for the trip back in time. And happy birthday to your daughter.

  2. Your post struck me as my first and feisty daughter turns 19 shortly! Your words brought me back to many birthday notes given to her over the years. It has been incredible to watch her becoming the young woman she is! Happy belated birthday to Thea!

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