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The Promises I Make for the New Year

image from icanread
image from icanread

2014 has already become a year we will never forget.  Between Augustine’s battles, the arctic winter we are surrounded by, and the incredible love that surrounds us, this year will be the year that follows us.

Whenever life gets crowded I think of my classroom and how closely connected my life is to it.  I stopped doing resolutions years ago, after all, I had to write them down to even remember them and then never followed through on them.  This year, though, begs for resolutions or rather promises I would like to make.  So this year I promise 3 simple things.

  1. To be kind.  The mask I wear most days does not show how much turmoil there is in my heart at the moment.  I am a fighter, as is my whole family, but I admit that it does not take much to crack my surface right now and tears come easily.  We never know what other people are holding inside, we never know why a child acts out or acts indifferent.  We never know why a parent does not respond to our contacts, or another teacher gets upset.  So this year I promise to approach everyone and every situation with kindness.  I will think of the human being first and the task at hand second.
  2. To be present.  Taken from John T. Spencer’s post, this promise continues to be at the forefront of my mind.  I want to be present for the ups and downs that life throws at us.  I want to be present at the small moments that truly shape our lives that my own children and my students have.  I want to notice.  I want to think about what I see.  I want to slow down and take it in.  To be present does not require much, in fact, it is done best by turning everything else off and giving someone the gift of you.  So that is what I will do.
  3. To celebrate the small things.  Too often we wait until momentous occasions to celebrate in style.  Life is too short, life is too complicated to hold your breath and wait for those few moments where everything lines up.  This year I will celebrate as much as I can.  Thea learning a new letter, Ida and Oskar learning new words, Augustine gaining even the smallest amount of weight.  My students conquering a task for the day, fellow colleagues trying small new things, and yes, my husband and all of the small things he does to keep our marriage strong every day.  Those are the things I will celebrate.

While I cannot control some of the things that I wish I could, I can control myself and my reaction to life.  I can make promises and keep them, so that is what I intend on doing, how about you?

1 thought on “The Promises I Make for the New Year”

  1. Your kindness comment resonated with me. I work coaching teachers and sometimes encounter unexpected comments that could be taken as anger, hostility or apathy. I continually remind myself to presume positive intentions. I don’t know what is going on in others’ lives. Yet if I respond with this attitude I’ve found I makeover progress and can get to better understanding.

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