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Have You Included Parent Voice in Back to School Planning?

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On Wednesday, Theadora gets to meet her kindergarten teacher.  We get to show up, me with all 4 of the kids, drop off her supplies and asnwer any questions the teacher may have.  You would think I have a mile-long list of questions, but I don’t.  I don’t know what to as at this point, that will come later, once school has started.  And yet,  I do have hopes and dreams for Thea and I hope I get to express that to her teacher.

This realization made me remember that I need to include my 7th grade parents’ voice in my back to school preparation.  That yes, I may be planning awesome things for my first days of schools, and that yes I may be teaching students at an age of more independence from parents.  But parents still need to have a voice in our classroom.

So I created my hopes and dreams survey.  One simple question to get their feedback, to guide me as I prepare.  Don’t forget to tap into parent knowledge.  Don’t forget to reach out, even if you think their child is too old for you to ask.  I don’t think any parent ever stops dreaming for their child, don’t forget to ask.

PS: In 5th grade, I used this

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5 thoughts on “Have You Included Parent Voice in Back to School Planning?”

  1. I think this is a wonderful idea! 🙂 At my meet-and-greet I ask parents a question similar to that one along with asking for 3 adjectives to describe their child. I LOVE reading their responses.

  2. Hi Pernille, Tx for the many ways your posts have guided me as a teacher new to techno risk taking! I noticed a typo on your 7th grade parent survey…The first parent response entry “your” name. I hope you don’t mind my sharing…I kind of think of typos as “Broccoli in my teeth”. We need to have each other’s backs!

    Fondly, Lori

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    1. I send a similar letter home the first day letting the students know that their parents have homework for the first week. Similar to the fifth grade note.
      In addition I will meet with each family for 15 minutes to hear their hopes & dreams during the first few weeks,

  3. Thank you for sharing the 5th grade form. I am planning to give something similar to parents this week at Open House. Your form has additional questions that I would love to ask.

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