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Treated As One – A Poem by A Student

I tell my students to speak boldly, and they do.  Thank you Corinne for letting me share your poem.

Treated As One

1.5, 2.9, 3.4, 4.0

Grade point averages

They define who we are.

People walk around school saying

“I got an A”-4.0

“I have a learning disability”-1.5

“I don’t understand”-2.9

“I’m not good enough”-3.4

People always say “Everyone is different”

Well if everyone is different why do we ALL

have to take the same test?

Why do we have one grading system

for six schools with hundreds of kids.

I know life isn’t always fair but school should be.

Because school is where you practice

It’s where you practice what you’ll later need.

Why is a group of different people

taught in one way?

A way where half of the kids don’t understand,

and then the teachers have to say to their parents

“They don’t put in enough effort”

When maybe they think in a different way

I speak for my dyslexic sister

who has to get tutored two times a week

She has told me many times

“I don’t understand”

It’s such a sad thing to see a brilliant mind get

shut away because of what the other kids will say

She once had a teacher that said

she used the word dyslexic as an excuse

to get out of reading

When she hadn’t even read the papers that diagnose her.

My sister is one out of thousands

who don’t get treated fair,

We all just have to live with being

treated as one

All though we are more.

10 thoughts on “Treated As One – A Poem by A Student”

  1. Sad, sad, sad. GPA is the second worst statistic in K-12 schools and there is absolutely no reason to have it at the middle school level. In fact there are no educational or communication reasons for subject grades at the middle school level – just grade standards, not subjects.

  2. Reblogged this on Our Global Classroom and commented:
    As we prepare for our NAPLAN Testing. Students of 3/4J and Global friends I think this an insightful poem written by a students we all could reflect on.
    Tell me what you think of the students poem………

  3. Corinne’s strong and passionate opinions about differentiating education and assessment, show maturity beyond her years. Her simple question: ‘ Why is a group of people taught in one way?’ says it all.

  4. Wow! If this isn’t proof of successful teaching, I don’t know what is. I think this student work exemplifies what we, as teachers, strive to instill in our students…confidence in who they are and what they can do as learners. Corinne shows that she truly believes in herself and in you. She is listening intently to your lessons and the risks you encourage your students to take. Her poem is bold, yet respectful. A poem that reflects the relationship you have built with Corinne and your other students.

  5. Corrine – Thank you for speaking for your sister and for so many other students who might not be as sure of their voice as you seem to be. I work with many students who are struggling because their needs aren’t met due to a one-size-fits-none curriculum. I’m hoping that they have teachers as wonderful as Mrs. Ripp who will learn about them and teach them as individuals.

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