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With the Tears Flowing

I am sitting in the Detroit airport crying.  Head turned toward the windows so the strangers passing by don’t see these crazy tears.  I am not sad, nor am I upset.  I am completely and totally overwhelmed by the love and kindness that has been shown to me through the last 5 days.  From perfect strangers becoming friends, to the stories people shared about how my blog has been their inspiration, how they too had been bullied, how they too had been afraid, how they have been so close to giving up but then something I shared helped them through.  There are no words.

And I feel like I tried to give everyone my attention.  To make sure that every single person that spoke to me knew that it meant something.  That my thanks were heartfelt.  That my humility was real.  Because never could I have dreamed that so many knew just who I was.

I do not write on here to be recognized.  I do not write on here to be known.  To sell books.  To speak.  Or to somehow think I am better than others.  I write on here so that I know I am not alone when the world seems pretty dark.  I write on here so that my students dreams have a chance of being heard.  I write on here because the future of my own 4 children depend on it.

So thank you for reading here.  For stopping me and sharing your stories.  For thinking that within this strange online community you have found a kindred spirit.  I am so honored.  I am so humbled.  I will carry your words with me for many years.

8 thoughts on “With the Tears Flowing”

  1. And those of us not able to say these words in person thank you as well!! You give me the courage to blog and fight for our kids!

  2. “I do not write on here to be recognized. I do not write on here to be known. To sell books. To speak. Or to somehow think I am better than others.”

    And that, my fellow inspirational teacher, is precisely why people are so moved by your work in the world. Because you do it out of love and passion, not in search of recognition. I found you via the #ISTE2015 stream on twitter, but I’m following because when things are dark, it most definitely will be nice to connect with your words here to remind me why I do what I do, and that we’re not alone in the journey.

  3. Again… kia ora for your humbleness. I love your passion, your message, and how you bring a sense of reality to these ‘virtual connections’. The highlight of my year was speaking with you about #NZreadaloud…nga mihi nui ki a koe…thank you so very much.

  4. Thank you for being you and putting into words what so many educators live and feel. As each one of us has our unique strengths and expression, your view of the world and the way in which you put it into words has been a gift to all your readers.

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