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Have You Submitted Your EdScape Proposal Yet?

I first heard about EdScape a few years back when my Twitter feed exploded with knowledge during the weekend of the conference.  For years I have wanted to go and be a part of this conference created by the amazing Eric Sheninger, but life seemed to continually get in the way.  Well, this year is my year.  Not only do I get to go to EdScape and learn with educators from all over the USA, I also am honored to be the opening keynote speaker.

So why should you come join me October 17th in New Jersey?  Because this amazing conference is an incredible space for learning, allowing us all to not just be inspired but also to come away with tangible things to do as we change education.  Because this conference is a one day don’t-want-to-miss event.  Because during lunch there will be an EdCamp.  Because this conference is $35 to attend – yup $35.  Even better, if you present, your registration is free,

So if you have an idea that you would love to share.  If you love presenting and meeting people.  If you want to come and inspire as well as be inspired, come to Edscape.  Submit your proposal before August 15th because I hope that you come and learn with me, I hope you come and share your amazing ideas, I  hope that we can connect.  I know I cannot wait.

To submit your proposal, go here

To register for the conference, go here

To see more about this amazing event, go here

3 thoughts on “Have You Submitted Your EdScape Proposal Yet?”

  1. Thank you, Pernille, for posting this! I just sent in a proposal for The Zen Teacher workshop! I’ve realized through The Zen Teacher Project that one of my new passions is taking care of teachers. This might be one way to start doing that. 🙂

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