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Want to Be Our Audience?

My fantastic 7th graders are working on short choral poetry performances and would love a real-live audience.  Well not live, but actual kids to watch their short videos and then give them feedback on their performance.  We are looking for 4th grade and lower to assess us, videos will be shared via Google Drive and feedback will be given via a short Google Form.  This is open to anywhere in the world.  Videos will be posted next week and then we would love feedback by the following Monday, November 9th.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below and you will receive a link with the videos when they are available, you can do as many as you would like.

15 thoughts on “Want to Be Our Audience?”

  1. Hi Pernille,

    This is my area of interest and expertise. You might enjoy viewing a 3 min. sampling of our Poetry on Parade Night Fund-Raiser back a few years now. I have spoken about my work at many national conferences like IRA/ILA and NCTE and some state conferences. So this project of yours speaks to me! I will see if I can find some teachers at my school who will try this, but not sure any can squeeze it in. I would give feedback if you like. I have a scheduling problem or I would organize an after school group to view comment, but next week is out for that, sadly. Terrific and I can’t wait to see it. So my sign up will indicate that it is just me unless I can get a couple of kids to watch with me. PS I am Janet Clare on FB and sent you a friend request.

    1. Hi Janet, Thank you so much for being willing to help out. We always have a great response when we do this. I am pretty private on FB, my husband asks me to be since I share so much on this blog.

      1. I totally understand that and found your professional one here. I hadn’t seen that before. I only use mine 98% professionally and have very few friends!! So now I am following! I am both in awe and delighted by your great work.

  2. There isn’t a form!!
    Or can I just not see it?!!?!
    I think I might have some classrooms interested in hearing these short poetry performances at my school!!
    Thanks for this great opportunity!!

  3. Hi Pernille, I don’t see a form, so I assume this information will be used. I teach a 4th grade gifted class in Illinois and we would love to view their performances and provide feedback.
    Thanks, Ellen Smith

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