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A Much Needed Reminder


For the month of November, I have seen all of the practiced thankfulness.  The posts on social media sharing what we are thankful for, the handwritten notes passed from person to person, the drawings and cards sent home from classrooms.  November, it seems, is the month that reminds us just how good many of us have it.  And for that, I am truly thankful.

Because we have it better than we think.  At least, most of the time.  We have it better than we realize.  Many of us are surrounded by people who care about us.  We have the things that give us a good life.  We have jobs that even when they are tough center around the love of learning.  We get to work with children.  We are lucky, even when we forget it.

As I sit in my heated house, with the lights on, with food in the fridge, and new outfits for the kids, I cannot help but be humbled by all that we have.  By all that we take for granted, and not just today, but every day.  My kids are safe in our neighborhood, they have access to great schools, they are loved and protected by their family.  They are given access to a life that many children around the world, and even here in my very own country, can only hope for.

So I hope this Thanksgiving will be a reminder to be more thankful.  To see the good in the bad.  To realize that even on our toughest days there is still love around us, there is still happiness.  That sometimes the things we get so caught up in really should not be worth our time.  That the things that upset us pales in comparison to what others go through.

So  I give thanks to the little things.  And strengthen my commitment to not remember that we are the fortunate ones.  That we live privileged lives.   Even on our bad days.

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4 thoughts on “A Much Needed Reminder”

  1. Thank you! I was sitting here missing my son who is deployed to Iraq and your words reflected my thoughts exactly. I realize how blessed and fortunate I am to have a job I love and family and friends who support and encourage me everyday. Sometimes we all need a simple reminder. Today is a perfect day to be thankful for the good in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!,

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I am sitting in my kitchen surrounded by family and holding my dog. I feel completely blessed. These moments build a lifetime.

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