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Would You Like to Be Our Readers?

As part of our epic non-fiction picture book project, we are looking for students to share these books with.  The books have been created in Google slides so you will not need to print anything or send anything, just read them and fill out a form.

If you would like to receive some of our finished picture books to give feedback on and your teach 4th grade or younger, please fill out the form.  Picture books will be shared at the end of December and you will have until mid-January to provide the feedback.

13 thoughts on “Would You Like to Be Our Readers?”

  1. Yes we would love too! We enjoyed reviewing your poems. We are 4th grade. We also have some projects, one we have finished-brochures to inform others about the problems monarch butterflies are experiencing and currently my learners have designed toys out of everyday objects and are writing how to books so that others can make the toys. Would your learners be interested in reviewing these projects? Thanks, Debbie

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