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Take the Time

For in the end it is not what we got done that matters, it is how we felt doing it. pernille ripp

There seems to be no greater rush in school then these last few precious days before we say goodbye, before our time is up.  I look at my own to-do list and wonder just how much will actually get to done.  The pressure of it all nips at my heels as I wonder whether my students could possibly speak a little bit faster as they deliver their end of year speeches.  Will we get through them all?  We have so much to do still.

Yet, as I listened today to a boy share his message of hope and forgiveness.  To another who shared the value of friendship.  To one who decided to challenge our racial beliefs, and one that made me cry (actually two did) because they stood up there and spoke their truth, I knew what I had forgotten.  To take the time.

To take the time to say goodbye the proper way.

To take the time to laugh.

To share memories and stories.  To take the time and not feel guilty all of the time for all of the things we didn’t get to do.

Take the time to remember all of the great and all of the not so great.

Take the time to remember the very best books, projects, or whatever else you may have shared.

To take the time to ask just a few more questions so that you can grow over the summer.

To take the time to thank you students for the journey you have been on.

May we never forget to be grateful for the things we take for granted, for the community we create, for the memories we make.

May we never take for granted that our year, while tough at times, was still a success and that all of those students did actually grow, even if it was not as much as we had hoped.

May we never forget that for a brief moment in time we were a part of the future by being a part of a child’s life.

So take the time to say goodbye and don’t worry so much about the to do.  Because in the end it is not what we got done that matters, it is how we felt doing it.  SO take the time to take the time and don’t let your guilt consume you.

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4 thoughts on “Take the Time”

  1. On our last day, my 5th grade students take the time to toast (with sparkling apple juice) their memories, friendships, teachers, etc. of their elementary school years. Many of their toasts brought me to tears (such as the one who toasted the school community for supporting his family when his brother was diagnosed with cancer; or the student who toasted our school because she’d never made friends in her old one; or the kid who toasted his RTI teachers for never giving up on him even when he got frustrated). Give kids a chance to celebrate and be thankful and they will astonish you with how much they’ve witnessed over their years!

    1. I absolutely love this idea. I teach 5th, and you’ve inspired me to do this on our last day next week. Thank you so much!

  2. Reblogged this on Ripper's Chatter and commented:
    Great end of the year thoughts. We all have a tendency to forget that some of our students really do like school and it’s their one safe haven. So take the time to say thank you to your students for a great year. For the good and bad. Great post Ms. Ripp thanks for the reminder.

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