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With All

With all of the negative that surrounds us.

With all of the headlines that tear us apart.

With the reports of more death, more violence, more hatred being spewed filling our airwaves every day.

In a world where children get sick, where children go hungry, where some have so little and others have so much.

In a world where inequity is the new normal and disengagement is the norm.

Can we please create classrooms where students feel safe?

Where they feel welcomed?

Where they feel like they belong.  That what we do matters.  That how they feel matters.  Where they do not have to adopt another persona to be accepted but can be who they need to be.

In a world that seems hellbent on tearing our hearts open, can we please, as educators, make it our mission to create classrooms that work for all children, no matter the life they leave us for.  No matter what they face outside our walls?  It seems to be the very least we can do.


8 thoughts on “With All”

  1. Pernille,
    Agreed! This is the least we can do. Tea gets should pact around this idea, creating a network of safe classrooms that nurture and empower learners. We need to teach our students how to best respond to these inequities they are confronted with day in and day out. Thanks for making this call.

  2. Pernille,
    This a prayer that should be said each day. Our hearts need to be open and accepting, looking at the whole child not just who they are academically.

  3. I also feel like this is a prayer, and one we want to repeat daily. Thank you for putting into words what I feel is on many of our hearts.

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