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My End of Year Student Survey 2017

I owe my greatest growth as a teacher to the truths that my students have shared with me.  The courage that they have had to speak up for the type of education they would like to be a part of.  It is therefore only natural for me to ask all of my students for their honest feedback as we finish the year.  Every year, their surveys have shaped the coming year, whether it meant getting rid of a project or completely revamping something I knew was almost working.  My students’ answers have shaped much of my writing as well, both books and blog posts come from the answers they give me.

And what do I ask?  What I need to know; was this a good class for them, did I give enough help, what did they like or dislike?  Was I fair, did I get to know them enough?  How do they feel about reading, what do I need to change?  Anything I can think of that will help me grow, and not just the easy questions either, if a child did not like this class or felt disrespected then I need to know so I can change.

Mrs. Ripp's English End of Year Survey 2016-2017 - Google Forms.clipular.png

So I hope you take the time to ask your students as well as the year ends and then use those truths to change the way you teach.  Once again, we have the best professional development sitting right in our own classrooms, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about what worked, what was ok, and what definitely needs to change.  I have given it both as a paper survey and an electronic one, this year I decided for a Google form.  To see what I asked, go here.

If you like what you read here, consider reading any of my books; the newest called Reimagining Literacy Through Global Collaboration, a how-to guide for those who would like to infuse global collaboration into their curriculum, was just released.  I am currently working on a new literacy book, called Passionate Readers and it will be published in the summer of 2017 by Routledge.If you are looking for solutions and ideas for how to re-engage all of your students consider reading my very first book  Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students.      Also, if you are wondering where I will be in the coming year or would like to have me speak, please see this page.

8 thoughts on “My End of Year Student Survey 2017”

  1. Hi Pernille,

    I haven’t done this before but I definitely will as we conclude this year. It seems so obvious now that you point it out. Who is in a better position to give honest feedback than the kids who are a part of class every day? I welcome the feedback to celebrate successes and help me to grow.

    Also, if teachers are to nervous to ask for feedback, that should speak volumes already.



  2. I love this! I will borrow a few of your questions for sure. I also like to add a “how did you grow as a reader and writer this year” and “how do you know” question…

  3. Pernille, like you I surveyed my students, and their parents, for the first twenty years of my career. The feedback was most helpful and led to revision for projects, classroom management and validation for all of us. I changed course for the last ten years of my career as I realized that much of what I learned at the end of the year would have been equallly helpful, if not more so, if I had gotten it earlier. Questions about what wasn’t working, what do you wish I knew, how could I be a better teacher for you should be asked in December and acted on for the remainder of the year. Questions about communication directed to parents mid-year allow for mid-course corrections. At no time did asking for feedback elicit negative or hurtful responses. Both students and parents found it wonderful that I was open to such feedback. I framed it that I too was a learner, and their participation was as critical a factor in my growth as mine was to theirs. There was also feedback solicited at the end of the year where the entire year could be considered, but the mid-year process remained the most beneficial. All of this feedback was under the umbrella of answering the essential question for the year, “Who am I as a student?” and “Who am I as a teacher?”

  4. Hi Pernille! Thanks for sharing your feedback questions. Next time, may I suggest having a chatbot do a short interview with each student? At we’re developing just that. Most students love chatting to a chatbot and often give much more detailed answers. Sign up at and try it for free 🙂

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