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Win A Copy of My New Book Passionate Readers

In four days my new book comes out.  I have been trying for a while to come up with a catchy blog post to announce it, but the truth is, my heart is heavy with the images of hatred coming from Virginia.  With the calls to action, yet the fear so many educators have when it comes to teaching against hate in our classrooms.  It seems silly for me to be excited about a book.  But perhaps that is life in a nutshell, we are conflicted with our emotions and driven toward change.  Good can exist along evil.  Happiness can exist along hatred.  Even as we reel with the news that unfolds around us, we are preparing for our first days, or perhaps we are already in them, getting to know this new great group of kids.

I wrote Passionate Readers as a way to give my students’ voices a bigger platform.  To once again share the common sense advice that they have bestowed upon me and anyone else that would listen as I asked them how we could make reading suck less.  (Student words…)  I wrote this book not as a literacy expert, but as one who is on a journey to become better at teaching reading, at creating reading communities, at helping students hate it less or even love it more.  As someone who was faced with 45 minutes for all English Language Arts and faced with the daunting task of getting vocal resistant readers to give books a chance.  I filled this book with the research that I stand upon, but also the practical day-to-day that we all crave when we seek inspiration. I filled this book with every small thing that has worked and also the things that haven’t.  I filled it with all of me and now, the world awaits.  And it is terrifying, yet exhilarating to see it be released.

So in honor of the release date of Passionate Readers, I would like to give a copy away.   Once I have a copy myself, I will mail it to one winner and hope that it becomes a book that is worth your time.  All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on this post.  The contest will run until August 17th at midnight, the day the book comes out.

PS:  If you would like to order your own copy, please go here 

If you like what you read here, consider reading my newest book, Passionate Readers – The Art of Reaching and Engaging Every Child, out August 2017.  This book focuses on the five keys we can implement into any reading community to strengthen student reading experiences, even within the 45 minute English block.  If you are looking for solutions and ideas for how to re-engage all of your students consider reading my very first book  Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students.      Also, if you are wondering where I will be in the coming year or would like to have me speak, please see this page.

274 thoughts on “Win A Copy of My New Book Passionate Readers”

  1. I would LOVE LOVE a copy. I follow your blog and was so thrilled to meet you in person at ILA. I am looking forward to participating in this year’s GRA for my 2nd year. Thanks for always writing from your heart and keeping it very real.

  2. Would really LOVE to win a copy of your book. I’m excited to begin a new year with some reading inspiration!

  3. Hello! I’m an italian teacher and It’s almost a year that I have discovered your blog. I read it to have ispirations for my reading and writing workshop. A new book it’s a very good news! I apologize for my bad english: I’m better in reading!

  4. I happened upon your blog today and just read about the first day of school. Such wise words of wisdom. I will be reading your blog more regularly now as I’m always looking for ways to be a passionate and great teacher. I’d love to win a copy of your book.
    Michelle A.

  5. I teach a college children’s lit course and am making some significant changes based on your books. Thank you!

  6. I would love a copy! I enjoyed your keynote at DayCamp 2017 in East Lansing, MI and am excited to hear more from you! Congratulations on the release!

  7. I love your ideas and inspirational writing. As a teacher librarian, I am constantly encouraging teachers with “all things reading: and I know that your book would be very helpful!

  8. My 6th grade and I are passionated readers – but I know you, Pernille, can make us even more passionated!!!

  9. I first “met” you when I signed up for the Global Read Aloud two years ago. Then, I was a language arts teacher. In a couple of weeks I begin my new job as a reading teacher for tier 2 readers. I have always spent my summers reading teen and YA lit so I can get my students excited about reading. I would love to read your book, as I am always trying to improve myself.

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