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The Choice We Make

We can spend our days thinking of our past glories.

Of how it turned out we were right all along.


We can spend our days reliving the past.

We can spend our days thinking we are right, no matter what others say.

We can spend our days never looking back except to the moments where we knew it all.

We can focus in on the things we figured out, how we saved the day and everyone in it.

We can congratulate ourselves on a job well done, how we were the loudest voice, how we had all of the answers if only the world would listen to us.

We can spend our days tearing others down when they disagree.

We can spend our time holding so tight to our beliefs that we forget what we are holding on to, only knowing that we must cling to them or be lost.

Or we can pause…

Hear the voice of others…

Hear people out…

Reset our understanding to not exclude, but include.

To really listen to understand, not to respond.

To ask more questions rather than jump to the defensive.

To discuss rather than dismiss.

To build others up instead of tearing them down.

Perhaps agree to disagree but do so with respect.

At the end of the day, it is a choice we make.  A choice we commit to.  And a choice we can change.  Let’s not forget that.

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2 thoughts on “The Choice We Make”

  1. Here’s a good one for you to think about before you work your 7.75 hours on Tuesday! These are good reminders for me, too.

    1. OPPS! I meant to forward this to my daughter, a 4th grade teacher. I am a Title 1 Reading teacher, so we share articles we find interesting! 🙂

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