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Our Welcome Poster

Last year, I took a quote from a blog post I wrote and made it into a poster.  The quote was simple but a powerful reminder to anyone who walked into our room about the worth of the very kids that showed.  A powerful reminder to me on days where I felt like I was not enough.  A powerful reminder to kids when they felt that perhaps school was not a place for them.  The poster I made was small but hung proudly outside of our room all year.

This year, I needed a bigger poster.  Same message, but larger.  Something that would be harder to miss.  So my husband, who is my partner in everything, made me one.  I shared it on Instagram and Twitter and now others would like to use it.  So here you are

Feel free to use but please give credit.  And then believe it, every day, every kid, even when it is a hard day.  That would be the best gift of all.

Here is the link to the file, I just ordered a poster print through Walgreens.  If you use it, let me know, I would love to see it out in the wild.

25 thoughts on “Our Welcome Poster”

  1. I love this message! Thank you for sharing! What size poster print did you use? I’ve never used Walgreens printing before. Do you laminate it after or is it good to go? Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! Picked up the poster from Walgreens this morning. I can’t wait for my students to see it.

      1. OK, got it. only share in the scope of class. for 5 years old children do u have any proposal books to read who is not as english for mother language. for the boys easy to angry and cried when met unwilling matters. so much thanks

  3. It’s been a while visiting the blog, but I knew I would find something for back to school!
    This poster will be great in my new special ed classroom. I absolutely mean it for each of these kids.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this so much. It’s exactly how I want them to feel when they enter our room. Is there any chance your husband can recreate in Spanish as well?

    1. I am unable to access this poster and would really love to have it in our school. Thank you for your help!

  5. I love this!! I just saw it on Jarrett Lerner’s Facebook page and immediately tracked it down, printed it, and it is now hanging on my desk, ready for kids to come in Tuesday to start summer reading! (Alamogordo Public Library, NM)

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