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Contest: Win a Copy of Give This Book a Title!

One of my favorite book releases this year is from the brilliant and generous Jarrett Lerner, “Give this Book a Title” . Since the pandemic shut us down he has been a major giver, inspiring many to kickstart our creativity with drawing and writing prompts, confidence boosting lessons and ideas, and general awesomeness. As I shared on Instagram, I can’t get over the brilliance of this book.

This book begs to be used with kids (and adults) as we search for ways to help kids draw, write, inspire, and feel like they can add value to the world. With more than 100 activities, you are sure to find something that you can use with your students as we continue to engage with writing, drawing, and playing with words.

As the blurb says, “This collection of fun, open-ended writing and drawing prompts will challenge kids to think and create in new ways with every turn of a page. In the Finish This Comic section, young writers are inspired to write and illustrate a six-panel story. Following How to Draw instructions will encourage kids to find their own drawing styles. Every fun activity and silly prompt will keep young readers engaged and entertained!”

So imagine my surprise when a whole stack of these amazing books showed up at my house yesterday! Turns out Jarrett Lerner thought that perhaps the world could use a few more copies and I couldn’t agree more. So, I have five copies to give away of this incredible book four to educators in the US and one to the rest of the world (I am paying for shipping, thus the wonky numbers). All you have to do to enter is leave a comment (make sure you add your email when you enter it so I can contact you) and let me know what you would use this amazing book for. The contest will run from today to lille juleaften which for all you non-Danes is December 23rd at 8 PM CST.

I cannot wait for more amazing creations to happen because of this great new book but if you don’t win, you should order it!

84 thoughts on “Contest: Win a Copy of Give This Book a Title!”

  1. This would such a fun way to supplement my grade 3 writing program. My students would be so engaged with this. I love all your recommendations!
    From Alberta Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  2. Thank you ! This would such a fun way to supplement my grade 3 writing program. My students would be so engaged with this. I love all your recommendations!
    From Alberta Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  3. I think this book could be just what is needed to sprinkle a little fun and excitement into some of the lessons as we transition out of or into virtual learning with my students.

  4. You are an inspiration! Thank you for spreading your love of literacy and advocating for all students. I know my second graders in Dublin, OH would love this book!! We would use this to spark creativity and build confidence!! Happy Holidays!!

  5. Who can resist a book like this? I connect with kids through screens and in person. Creativity is helping us tread through the waters. Thanks for this generous offer.

  6. This would be a great addition to my special education resource class. I believe this will open up new ways through communication and for the students to showcase their creativity.

  7. I follow Jarrett on Instagram and his posts are amazing. This book would be so fun to use with my K-5 students as well as sharing it with my colleagues.

  8. In addition to my English, Spanish, and ESL classes, I’ve also been given a Drama class this year, a class I’ve never taught in my 22 years of teaching. This very difficult and demanding 4-prep schedule (100% online since March 2020) not only means I’m struggling to keep up, but because our first time using tech in the classroom was February 2020, it also means I’m teaching my tech-newbie students to responsibly and successfully navigate the digital world. I think this book would be perfect to use with my drama class! It promotes creativity and communication, while providing a burst of excitement and a starting point for our creations. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a copy! Good luck, everyone, and happy holidays!! πŸ™‚

  9. Give This Book a Title sounds like a book I would love. I have been creating choice boards for 5th grade students to use when we need to teach/learn from home and am looking for more creative ideas to keep the students engaged in learning.
    Last week I was reading your Favorite Reads of 2020 and wondering how many of them I could get through this year. This looks like another one to add to my very long list of books for 2021.

  10. Thank you for spreading your joy of reading to so many through your blogs. I would love to share this with my special education students in their writing ability. So many have self doubt, and I think this book would provide them with the inspiration they need πŸ™‚

  11. This book would be great to share with some of my reluctant students. I think they need to see how you can be creative and different in sixth grade and that is amazing. I also think it would be perfect for my sixth grade daughter, who sometimes doesn’t recognize how amazing she truly is.

  12. How wonderful! My students and I love Jarrett’s prompts πŸ™‚ Another great recommendation from Pernille! Thanks and best wishes for a happy healthy new year everyone!

  13. I would love a copy to use with my Online Academy 4th graders! We live to get creative! Thanks 😊 for all the #booklove you share with the world! Mrs. S.Miles

  14. Looks like another useful resource from Jarret Lerner. Thank you for the opportunity to enter a contest to win this book! Merry Christmas!

  15. Hi Pernille, I so enjoyed meeting you at the Reading Summit (Universal) in 2018 and have loved your blogs ever since. This would be a great addition to our school library. In addition, I have been working with the Junior High Language Arts classes daily during remote learning so the book would be a fantastic resource. Thank you for the opportunity.

  16. What a great β€œtitle” to add to any library!! Would love to add this to mine and share it with students. Love all of your recs!!

  17. I run a Writing Club once a week after school. We start with a prompt each week, and this book sounds like a perfect fit. It would resonate with some writers immediately and encourage a few others to try something new, bold and creative. I also think it would be great for my writing! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this book.

  18. What an amazing book! My fourth graders would love exploring these fun and engaging topics over remote learning. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Hello, What a wonderful way to engage with humour and energy in these strange times being a teacher and a student. My Grade 3 and 4 students, over 80% who are English Language Learners, are so passionate and yearning to share their ideas, in multiple formats, and this book seems perfect for harnessing and unleashing this passion. The most important part of what I would do with this book is pass it on to one of my students in June, paying the love and fun of learning forward. Thank you for all your book recommendations. They are invaluable and cross all borders.
    Alberta, Canada

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