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Where Am I Sharing Ideas These Days?

You may have noticed that I have not been sharing as much on this blog as of late. While there is a variety of reasons for it including the death of my father, the school year planning starting, and just trying to not work as much as I have in previous years, I am still actively sharing ideas, just in other formats.

So where can you find more ideas from me these days?

Conferences – I am so excited to be back out with school districts, professional organizations and conferences, whether in-person or virtual. While I continue to teach fulltime in 7th grade and have no plans for changing that, I am able to take some time to go and coach other educators and also speak on any of the work we do. In the next few months, I will be with educators in New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Iceland. If you would like me to be a part of your professional development, please just reach out.

Instagram – I use this platform almost every single day, whether it is to share book recommendations under #PernilleRecommends, snapshots from my classroom or sometimes personal life, or even questions to think about the practices we uphold. This is where I share the most and where you will find the most peeks into the teaching I do. To follow me there, go here.

Twitter – I continue to use Twitter to share questions, share ideas, and also have my posts crossposted from Instagram. This is where you will see longer threads of thoughts as well as links to other incredible resources shared by others. To follow me there, go here.

Facebook – I have a like/hate relationship with this platform but I do love the groups I have created on there for the massive ideas that are shared. Whether it is for the Global Read Aloud or for the Passionate Readers Facebook group, I share classroom documents and unit plans here for the most parts as well as post questions. There are thousands of people in these groups willing to share, join us if you want.

My books – I have written four education books since 2015 and many of my ideas can be found detailed in there. I am currently writing a fifth book as well, which is also taking up a lot of my time when the space is there for it. It is so exciting to dive back into the world of book writing and to get longer ideas down when thinking about how to build reading identity as part of a child’s personal journey. We shall see when it and if it comes out.

Of course, the blog will continue, however, only when I feel the need to write. So until the next idea comes in, see you in the other spaces!

3 thoughts on “Where Am I Sharing Ideas These Days?”

  1. I’m really sorry about your dad. It’s so hard. We lost my father Feb 2020 and are finally going to have his memorial next week.
    After 25 years teaching I retired in June. This will give me bonus time with my mom and granddaughter.
    Goodluck this year- you’ve supported a lot of teachers. I’m glad you’re taking time for yourself.

  2. Hello Ms. Ripp,

    I enjoy your posts tremendously. I don’t know if it is possible, but I would love to have my 7th grade students all read the middle school book for the Global Read Aloud, but when I try to access it through your website, it appears that it is closed at this point. Is there anything I can do to get our school on board? Can we still participate?

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to get this done.

    Thanks for your help and thanks for your wonderful posts and insight into reading in schools.

    Mrs. Tabourot 7th Grade ELA

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