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Passionate Learners at #RSCON4

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Giving the classroom back to students has been my main mission for the past three years.  This year I got to write a how-to book with ideas for how others can change the way they teach in small and big ways and bring the passion back into our classrooms.  While my book has not come out yet, I am so excited to finally get to present some of my ideas (old and new) to the incredible people who attend the 2013 Reform Symposium.  So on Saturday, October 12th at 5PM CST join me and others worldwide as I try to help you and remind myself of what I strive for every day; giving the classroom back to my students.

What is the Reform Symposium?

In two weeks, thousands of educators from various different countries are expected to attend a free 3 day virtual conference, The Reform Symposium, #RSCON4.  RSCON will be held October 11th to 13th in conjunction with Connected Educator Month. The entire conference will be held online using the Blackboard Collaborate webinar platform. Participants can attend this online conference from the comfort of their homes or anywhere that has Internet access. This amazing conference provides educators new or currently active on social networks the opportunity to connect with educators and professionals in the field of education worldwide.

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Giving the Classroom Back to the Students

I am super excited to be giving my third webinar for the awesome blue bunnies group; SimpleK12 this Saturday during another one of their Days of Learning.  This time I will be presenting on something incredibly near and dear to me; student-centered learning and teaching in this type of a classroom.  I have done other webinars for SimpleK12 and they are a wonderful creative way to get PD for free!  So consider joining me Saturday at 1 PM ESt/2 PM CST for this webinar.  See how to register below.

Giving the Classroom Back to the Students: Letting Go and Learning More
Would you like for your students to connect at a deeper level with the curriculum, to really love school and learning? Then this session is for you – a beginning guide to student-centered learning.