Just an Every Day PLN Moment

I, too, have joined the ranks of the faithful PLN supporters; the ones that proclaim all of the amazing things that have happened to us because of our connection with others whether we choose to call it a PLN or simply a community.  And yet, today I was reminded of just how big of an effect my PLN, or whatever you want to call it, has had on my everyday life.

In the last 2 days, my PLN has helped me with:

  • Convincing my principal that less homework = more learning.  Thank you to @Nunavut_teacher for sending out articles that I was able to pass on to my principal.  No meeting needed, the research spoke for itself.    
  • Share Everyday Math Resources with my school from another tweet.
  • Create a Google Map for the Global Read Aloud Project as prompted by the wonderful Laura Fleming.
  • Strengthen my argument for limiting grading in the classroom through conversations with @MrMacnology and @Joe_Bower. 
  • Purchase 8 Flip Camera’s for the price of 4 thanks to a link sent out a long time ago on Twitter (if it was by you – thank you!)
  • Work out again – thanks to the fantastic people involved in #temt, now I don’t want to be lazy.
  • Promise 500 people that I follow that I would get them a free IPad – thanks Twitter hacks.
This does not mean that I couldn’t have figured this all out on my own, but the point is that I did not have to.  My PLN did all the legwork for me and in turn I tried to help them out.  
So thanks PLN, every day you make my life a little easier; my students (and husband) are grateful.

2 thoughts on “Just an Every Day PLN Moment”

  1. Wow! It is hard to believe that only a few months ago I would have found your blog post a 'Tough sell'. Thanks for reminding me how essential my PLN is to my everyday learning and growing. I hope many other will be have the opportunity to boast how much their Tweeps have done for them lately!Mollybmom

  2. In the past week…I collaborated with @rushtheiceberg on crossposts bridging the divide to middle school.I got help about aspect ratio of photos and an html question in wordpress.I received loads of suggestions for great blogs for a presentation I'm doing next week for teachers.@CliveSir agreed to skype with kids in Australia about his volunteer work teaching teachers tech in Sri Lanka…I could go on and on!!

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