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Know the Power of "Hello"

Good morning, hello, hi… all small words that when left hanging in the hallway can have tremendous effects.  The power of a greeting, something our parents teach us to always reciprocate, is massive.  It can shape our mood for the rest of the day if met by the right caliber of person or leave us wondering about ourselves if unanswered.   So simple yet so powerful.

Yet, in hallways across America, teachers are reporting feeling isolated and genuinely uncared for whether it be through their own actions or by simple mistakes conducted by others that perhaps were too busy or just preoccupied.  So weigh the power of hello, a greeting, an acknowledgement.  Think about it, greet others, take the time to acknowledge that they are in your building, in your presence.  Don’t be too busy, don’t rush by, don’t scowl or close yourself off.  Be the pebble that starts the wave of positivity rather than negativity. So say hello, mean it, perhaps even smile.  I am happy to see you today.

7 thoughts on “Know the Power of "Hello"”

  1. Fabulous advice. You never know what sort of day a student, or a colleague, has had before you see them. You can always "Make their day" with a smile and a "hello"! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Ripp as one of your students would say. I bet he says it was a smile. I am with you. A hello and a smile is the best medicine around and it's all comes with no co-pay. Happy Holidays from a San Antonio TX follower.

  3. I totally agree. I used to stand at the front door of our school and greet each student with a smile and a big Hello or Good Morning. Sure changed a lot of their attitudes as no one usually were nice to a lot of these tough children. It only takes a good word!Thanks for this post.

  4. This is very important. Mid-year last year, as part of our safe schools initiatives, we asked all teachers to stand in their doorways/the hallways to greet and monitor students as they come into the building each morning. This has made such a tremendous impact in our school's culture, not just for monitoring our students' safety, but for the genuine happiness teachers and students exude as they greet each other each morning. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I so appreciate your post! So often we are focused on the needs of our students, that creating a strong community becomes less of a priority. The power of a simple hello! Thanks for a fantastic post – one I will be sure to put into practice and pass along to my staff. Thanks!

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