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Have You Balanced Your Account?

This year it will be all about balance for me.   The accounts of our life have to be balanced and mine seem a bit unbalanced at the moment.  I have started this incredible blogging adventure, well-knowing that I then chose to give some of my precious time to this investment.  And it has certainly paid off in big ways.  However, whenever I choose to give my time somewhere, I am taking it away from somewhere else.

So as I continue this learning journey, I am resetting my calculations, deciding how big of a percentage of time each big category will have.  These categories are the thread of our lives, the love, the drive, the inspiration.  Those memories we carry with us, the ones that us feel like we have lived.  So I look forward to taking stock, reinvesting where I need to, and diminishing where I must.  It has to add up to 100% since there is only so much of me, so much of time, so much of life to be lived.

Are your accounts balanced?

7 thoughts on “Have You Balanced Your Account?”

  1. Who doesn't struggle with this? Every time I have an off-balanced week, I take the weekend, and tell myself that next week will be better. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. When I take time for myself, family or husband, I often feel like I'm not allotting the time necessary to provide the quality of education that I'd like. And when I focus only on that, I find I quickly burn out and feel like I've created distance in the relationships that matter most.So as I continue on in 2011, I will definitly work on walking the fine line of balance in my life. And hopefully with greater success than in the past.

  2. I completely agree – who doesn't struggle with life/work balance. Something I read this past week really challenged me to focus on what is important. The concept was that there is no such thing as "priorities" – – but rather, by definition, a single priority. If I can seize each moment and not be so worried about doing it all, but doing that one thing well… finish it and then move on.You are so right – there is only so much room on all of our plates – and as we take on new things… others need to give way and we are at risk of seeing some of those things fall off completely.As we embark on 2011 – it is a great opportunity to take stock – decide what portion of our "plates" each aspect gets… and then for me, I want to focus on truly attending to what is important – one thing at a time.

  3. Thank you for both of your comments. This is so important for all of us to revisit periodically because as passionate teachers we give until we are totally spent. Sometimes we need that reminder to leave some for ourselves as well so that we can continue to give to all of our students. I don't think I will ever become an expert at this, but if I keep reminding myself, maybe this year it will be a little bit better. One can only hope and try.

  4. This is something I have always struggled with in the past, and now that I am building and growing my online presence I find myself out of balance often. It's either all school, all PLN or all home, and it's hard to get a balance of the three.What I have gotten better at is recognizing that if the house is not spotless, nobody will care. If I don't do a blog post but have a wonderful night laughing with my hubby then that is what was important and needed most. And if my lesson plans aren't completely scripted word for word because I was reading interesting blog posts or walking the puppies my kids and I will survive to see another school day.I guess in that way I am starting to recognize the need for balance, but I'm not so great at the actual balancing yet.

  5. glad that notion of a singular priority resounded with you… I thought of it today while I was trying to prep for this upcoming week… and fully being in the moment and doing one thing at a time – focusing on one subject at a time – one task. All the best – Cheryl

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