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Dear 4 1/2 Graders

Dear 4 1/2 graders,
Boy, where has the year gone? This last week has given me some time to think about the goals, the learning, the excitement and the end of fourth grade. So as I prepare for our next units, knowing there is half a year left, knowing we have so much learning to do, knowing that we have so much growing to do, I get excited. The path we are on. this year is incredible, the learning journey eventful, and sometimes even a little bit magical. So as we inch closer to fifth grade, I hope we

Slow down to relish the everyday magic. It is ok to get excited when you solve something on your own or do that great work. Let’s share, let’s celebrate, after all, learning is meant to be wondrous.

Struggle together. Let’s look for answers, questions our assumptions, and even question each other (especially the teacher!).

Reach out. The world is our classroom so let’s invite others in and do our share to be global citizens. Think of how rich our lives a now because of our blogging and projects.

Believe! Let’s believe more in our own brains, creativity, problem solving skills, and most of all each other. Ask others for help when needed but don’t forget to ask yourself first.

Create. I am only a teacher, not the inventor of everything interesting. So create learning possibilities for yourself as well as we continue learning in our room.

Set goals – and then exceed them. We must continue to strive for better but also not be satisfied when we reach that goal. Push yourself when it makes sense.

Smile, laugh, giggle and have fun. School is meant to be somewhere fabulous where magical things happen, let’s continue to make learning fun.

I cannot wait to see you on Monday.

Mrs. Ripp

5 thoughts on “Dear 4 1/2 Graders”

  1. Pernille, you are wonderful. Your focus remains dedicated to your students despite everything else. You really are one in a million. How lucky for those 4 1/2 graders.

  2. I love your blog, your positivity, optimism and honesty. I'm going to share a link to this blog with my preservice secondary English teachers so they can follow your journey too!Thanks for the posts 🙂

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