being a teacher

The Teaching Dream

I became a teacher not out of glorified dreams but out of necessity. I needed to teach because I knew that if someone gave me a chance in a classroom I could make a difference, I could help kids from all walks of life learn. Teaching wasn’t a choice for me, it was something I had to do to feel complete, to feel that I was giving back, that I mattered.

So in these times of unrelenting teacher bashing, stress, and uncertainty, I retreat into my classroom. I don’t work less, I work more. I find the safe haven in my room and I strengthen my dedication to my kids. I cherish the every day, like riding home from show rehearsal with my students today and them being so excited. I cherish the girl who asks for a hug because she feels like it or the excited chatter amongst the kids when they discover something new. I cherish the short time I may have left with my students.

Tomorrow my district meets to write lay off notices and being a third year teacher my name is almost certain to come up. And yet as I think of the future I am not afraid. I know that no matter what gets decided, I must be there for my students. I must continue to believe in my kids, I must continue to dedicate myself, I must continue to be the best teacher I can be and then some.

So although my laundry is in piles and the dishes are in the sink, I labor over a complicated city building plan that will be a surprise project for my students. I spend time thinking of ways to make tomorrows math lesson more relevant to my students and I dream. I dream of the things we will accomplish, the challenges we will face, and the hard times that are already here. If this is the end of the road for me, I can only look back with pride, knowing that I gave it my all. That I gave them all of me, both the teacher and the person. I did make a difference and will continue to do so until the last day arrives. I became a teacher to make those dreams come true, to help others achieve their dreams, even as mine gets taken away. Thank you for giving me the chance to live it.

1 thought on “The Teaching Dream”

  1. My heart goes out to you and my thoughts are with you. Your bravery, dedication and love of your kids is obvious. Wisconsin kids will lose something special if you receive a lay-off notice. Good luck and stay strong.

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