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Meaningful Student Blogging – My RSCON Presentation

Last night, I had the privilege of presenting at the Reform Symposium on something I am very passionate about – giving students a voice through blogging.  In fact, I find whenever you can give students a voice in your classroom leads to a much more engaged learning environment.  While the archives will not be up for another week or so I did want to share the slides I used for my message.

4 thoughts on “Meaningful Student Blogging – My RSCON Presentation”

  1. Pernille,I sat at my computer nodding my head, each point made sense, each idea was worthwhile. I have been blogging for a while both personally and with groups of children – your presentation was the best summary of why it works, that I have heard (and I have given a few myself 😉 I wish I had your eloquent style. What came out most was the passion for the students and that is what it is all about. Thanks again. I hope you don't mind but I referenced your presentation in my reflective blogThank you

  2. I am sad that I missed the live presentation. I will be sure to listen to the recording. I am looking forward to trying out blogging this year and truly appreciate your sharing.

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