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We are Part of Something Bigger

We are part of something bigger.  Those of us who choose to ask the hard questions, those of us who dare to raise our voice in the face of testing, rewards, and sanctions.

We are part of something larger than us, something that is taking root in America, in the world, and educators are standing up and saying “No more.”  Our children are the ones who suffer under politicians latest ideas.  Our children are the ones we experiment with, hoping that someday we will get it right.  Our children deserve something better than having school done to them.

It is time to listen to the passionate teachers that actually have ideas for change.  It is time for us to raise up and join together, reclaim what is ours, education,  and let our voices be heard.  It is time.

So join the discussion, write your editor, blog, speak up, discuss with anyone you can.  We are not failing as educators, changes need to be made but they need to come from us, not from the politicians.

4 thoughts on “We are Part of Something Bigger”

  1. Thanks for leading the way for us. I just wrote ALL my elected officials and my State Board of Education Representative. I will keep you posted on the success (them being on board or us voting them out). You are the best.

  2. Yes, Pernille! I'm right there with you. I totally agree that we are the change! I heard from a trusted colleague that all it takes for change is for 5% to challenge the status quo and demand a change. If that's true then we have it so we have to keep on fighting. And at the very least in all our classrooms, maybe schools, we can be the change and not cower down to high stakes testing!

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