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Passion for Fashion – My Secret Blog is Revealed

Recently, in a “More than 140” interview my friend Matt made me reveal a little secret, something that those who know me face to face could have told you but that I rarely discuss in an education sense because it seems to not relate; I am obsessed with fashion.  And by obsessed I do mean a little unhealthy, a little obsessive, and a little time consuming.  And yet, it is a huge part of me.  So I figured I would come out with my secret; I have a fashion blog with outfit inspiration based on my own wardrobe.  No, don’t laugh at me here, it all is connected to being a teacher.

I think teachers have been placed in a box by the fashion industry of the world, or at least in America.  For some reason we don’t get featured very often as being fashionable or even well dressed and yet many teachers are.  But there are days when I get in a slump, or when the alarm goes off late, or when I am just not in the mood to figure anything out, so I started a blog to remind me of what to wear.  Now some of these outfits are not suited for school, but some of them are.  I try to keep things cheap because let’s face it I am on a very measly salary, and also fashion forward.  So here is my big reveal, my fashion blog, poor og rich.  Please don’t laugh at me.

7 thoughts on “Passion for Fashion – My Secret Blog is Revealed”

  1. Pernille, I discovered this site during your vist back home this summer. Happy to see you share with your followers. You are one multi talented, passionate teacher. Your students are sooooo lucky. Know you and your students will have a great school year. Hugs and High Fives for you and your students.

  2. Hi Pernille!I'm so glad you have shared your passion for fashion. I've seen how much you've grown and changed by following your blog and our great conversations. Not only have you found your voice, but you're also a role model for your students! I also have a passion for fashion. I'm definitely going to follow your fashion blog!Thanks for all you do and for inspiring me every day!

  3. I am thrilled to know that I would have an H&M shopping buddy were we ever to be at an edu conference in the same town that also happened to have an H&M…. there are three in Philly #justsayin #educon

  4. Love it! I have been following fashion blogs, and teacher fashion blogs recently and adore the fact that teachers are willing to step out of the box! We have many passions to share, and I'm glad to see this from you 🙂

  5. Oh, my Ms. Ripp! As if I didn't love you enough already! Your photos are stunning on the new blog and I've subscribed for more. Have a great year. Miss you already!

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