Try It

I can’t…But then…What if…I don’t think….This won’t….All words used by educators as we try new things.  What if we just gave it a shot?

What if, instead of coming up with reasons of how it might fail, get messy, not work – we just tried it?

Then our words would actually speak the truth and not just our assumption.

4 thoughts on “Try It”

  1. This is exactly how I feel at this moment. Attempting to do a signficant rewrite to classroom principles including grading is a really daunting task. Rethinking all my procedures is also a big part of my thinking. I definitely think that it's worth the change. But I might have decided to revamp too many aspects of my classroom at once.

  2. My best days are the ones when I can be courageous. It's still more rare than it should be. I still cower under fear far too often. But the beauty is what happens when courage breaks through.

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