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What You Look For You Will Find…

When you set out looking for something chances are you will find it.  As Frog and Toad search for spring just around the corner, they find that after they turn enough corners, spring is, indeed, right there.  So shall we find what we are looking for if we just keep on searching.

As educators we should remember this lesson; whatever we look for, we will surely find.  So ask yourself; what do you look for every day?  Do you look for teaching to the test, lazy students, and parents that just don’t get it?  Or do you look for curriculum opportunities, learning from failed attempts or wonder, and people that want to be part of your team?  I know what I search for.

We get what we look for.

3 thoughts on “What You Look For You Will Find…”

  1. Hi Pernille,I love this short and sweet post. "What you look for you will find" resonates strongly with my approach to school leadership. Appreciate Inquiry is based around doing just that – noticing what is going well, what we are doing right, what our collective and individual strengths are, and then amplifying them. Thanks for a great read to start my day. Shannon

  2. Excellen post. I feel the same way. If you look for a student to misbehave, you will always see it. If you look for a student to be great, you will never be disappointed. Well said! Have a great day. 🙂

  3. Hi PernilleMy name is Larry McMillan I am currently in Dr.Strange EDM310 class. Your post makes a lot of sense. For one to give up when they have not been looking that long serves as lack of patience and poor judgement.

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