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I Get To Teach

Every night, driving home I think of how lucky I am.  I get to teach 25 incredible students and be a part of their journey.  Sure my bag is heavy with books and things to do, but I get to teach.

I get to teach those kids that teachers don’t know everything.
I get to teach those kids that their voice matters.
I get to teach those kids that what we do in school is real life, not something we may need when real life begins.
I get to teach those kids that together we are stronger and that every person matters.
I teach them about failure, and hope, and inspiration, and daring to ask a lot of questions.
I teach them to trust themselves, their opinions, their inferences, and that they too are experts.
I teach them that life has started and it is time for us to live it.

So when the day ends and my daughter gives me her long awaited hug, I don’t take my good life for granted.  I cherish it, I embrace it, and I celebrate it because I get to teach.

2 thoughts on “I Get To Teach”

  1. I absolutely love this! I think that it is very important to teach kids subjects such as math and science, but these are just as important. I am only a Junior in college so I do not have my own classroom yet to experience the feeling of being a teacher, but I do watch elementary school kids in after school care and I feel like I am a big part of their lives and learning experience. I will definitely teach them these things that you have stated because I believe that these are very essential to their learning.

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