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Why I Make My Life Harder

Sometimes I wonder why I make my life so hard?  Why do I let the students explore rather than just dictate what they are supposed to learn?  Why do I fight for them not to be graded at every turn when just writing that percentage or that letter would free up so much of my time?

Why do I insist that we work things out rather than just punish them without a conversation?  Why do I force myself to get the learning done in school rather than sending it home as homework?

Why do I fight for the creative spirit of these kids?  Why do I challenge myself to change and grow when really I know that I am a decent teacher, isn’t that enough?  Do they really deserve the best of me so that my family only gets the rest of me?

I make my life hard because our future is at stake.  We are modeling the future of the world and I want it to be a beautiful one.  I want it to be one where children believe in themselves as learners, where their creativity shines, and they are unafraid to fail.  I want the world to be one in which I do not fear sending my own child to school, afraid that our system will kill her curiosity.  I do this for my daughter and for all of the other children.

4 thoughts on “Why I Make My Life Harder”

  1. I needed this post. I was asking myself the exact same question yesterday. My mom and husband were also asking me that question. My answer is similar to yours–thanks for sharing this journey with me and all educators who aspire to innovative, creative education that supports student success and a better world.

  2. Hello! My name is Brittany Smith and I am a currents student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama.I really enjoyed reading this. It shows that you are dedicated to your students. This has inspired me to work even harder with my students. I want that beautiful world just like you!

  3. Look after yourself during this amazing time of your life.Collaborate with as many people as you can to reduce your workload.We love what we do as teachers, and if we work together, we can make life easier for everyone.Stay strong. 🙂

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