Just Kids

We worked hard today and at the end we stood with 10 minutes of unscheduled time, 10 minutes of free, no work to get started, and everyone longingly looking at the sunlight.

So we ran outside, free for those last 10 minutes and as I watched them all unfold I remembered; they are just kids.

Just kids who although they look so big and so tall still have hearts that belong to their childhood.

Just kids with their fragile dreams.

Just kids who truly believe they can be anything they want to be, they just have to figure it out first.

Kids who will include everyone when no one is looking and pretend to be tough when they can.

Kids that want to please but do it their way and who still need a hug just once in a while.

Just kids who play it tough when asked about middle school but then come to you with their secret concerns.

Kids who draw hearts on their notebooks and bring you flowers just because they think you would like them.

Kids who although they may think they are adults, really are just kids.

I am so glad they are mine even if just for a couple more weeks.

1 thought on “Just Kids”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, it is for the kid in all of us. I often wonder about some students as they leave my class. You worry about some and have total confidence in others. I have had many of these same thoughts.

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