Creating Great Summer Reading Plans

I have never before cared about what my students read over the summer, sure, I cared whether they were reading or not but I figured it was no longer my duty to ensure they had great books to read.  I certainly never assigned reading over the summer and would never do that.  This year though with our  increased passion for reading, my students have been telling me they just are not sure what to read and asked for my help.  So behold; what we will be doing in the final weeks of school to create massive reading lists with awesome book suggestions for each student.

First of all; this is by choice.  I am not dictating what students should read but simply creating opportunities for them to get as many recommendations as possible.  Second of all; they will be making a list of possible books they would love to read and this list will be passed to parents, but I will not be checking up on them.  There is no incentive, no punishment, no have to.  Just hopefully a way for them to continue to stay passionate about reading.

So in the next few weeks, we will:

  • Start out with our initial reading plan survey.  This gave me an idea of where students are at with their ideas for what they will read and also gives me something to compare to at the end.
  • Continue our speed book dating – 1 minute per partner as students recommend books to each other.
  • Try the teacher book dating as detailed by this awesome post by Colby Sharp.  In fact, I brought in my stack of to read books from home so that they can add those to the mix as well.
  • Edit:  Here is what my classroom looked like while we did the teacher book dating 
  • Skype with other classrooms to get book recommendations.  Short, simple Skype calls where 5 students each get to do a short book recommendation of either a favorite book from this year or a book they are currently reading.  I have asked students to think of the audience as we may be skyping with other grade levels than 5th.  If you want to Skype with us please fill out the contact form located on the right!
  • Collect all ideas in our note book so that we can create a master list that can be typed up and emailed/printed.
  • Continue tweeting out our book recommendation survey on Twitter and checking in to see which books people are recommending there.  If you haven’t taken it – please do!
  • Watch the Scholastic fall preview trailer – it may be for the fall but some of these books come out in August.
  • Interview teachers around the school for their favorite young adult books.
  • Read several book recommending blogs connected through our Kidblog account.
  • Create an Animoto sharing our reading plan with the word and posting it on our blog.  Thanks for the great idea Shannon from Van Meter – here is the post she wrote!

3 thoughts on “Creating Great Summer Reading Plans”

  1. What a great, authentic project Pernille! I hope you will continue to blog about this as you progress as I'd love to hear more about it. Have you checked out Spaghetti Book Club? It's a website of student written book reviews. Best of luck! I hope your students find some amazing books to read for the summer through this process.

  2. I loved the reading plan survey you've created. I've been working on a survey for my class for the end of the year, and now I want to incorporate some of these questions about reading as well.

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