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A Reading Survey – Why Not?

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I love that my students know that I am passionate about reading already.  Even though we have only been in each others’ learning lives for 4 days they can tell you how much I love books.  They also know about my never-ending reading stack, my penchant for anything sci fi or fantasy, how I sneak reading in when I sit at stop lights, and how buying books is my most guilty pleasure.   I am thrilled that they know me as a reader, but the problem is with 27 students I don’t know them yet.  Sure, I can start to see which books they gravitate too, some have started telling me about the best book they ever read, and others have even asked to take books home.  Yet, I have only conferenced with 2 and have had little time for those amazing reading conversations that I love.  So why not do a reading survey?  While in no means a replacement for the reading conversations I want to have, it gives me a glimpse into them as readers and will provide me with background information that I can use.

I ask for their honesty here because I want to know how they label themselves.  I think it is important for me, vital even to know if a child considers themselves a poor reader, I need to know what their labels are so that I can help them break out of those or strengthen them.   So as always as I created this survey with a little bit of inspiration from many other reading surveys, I knew I would share, I may even make it a Google form.  Please feel free to make a copy and make it your own.

How Are You As a Reader Survey

And here it is as a Google Form courtesy of Michelle Krzmarzick

6 thoughts on “A Reading Survey – Why Not?”

  1. Create this survey in google forms and it will compile all the answers in one location for you. Great survey by the way. I do a similar end of year survey with my art students.

    1. Yes, I said I may, however, I would then need to book the computer lab for all of my students to take it so I will do just paper this year. Plus I like putting them in their portfolios.

  2. Pernille,
    I have one for my 7th graders, too: Many of them don’t like to write a ton, so I made it a Google Form (like you’re thinking of) and tried to have as many multiple choice questions as I could. I also wanted to know their thoughts about writing, and also their passions (so I could help them choose more books and we can get ideas for Genius Hour). Thank you for sharing the details!

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