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So What’s My Book About?

This week was very exciting for me as my very first e-book published by Powerful Learning Press became available for pre-buy.  I had never thought I would be able to add “author” to my bio!  This book is meant to be a how-to change your classroom for any level of teacher, pre-service, new, or veteran.


What’s even better is that right now until April 7th there is a coupon, I love a good coupon!

Save with this pre-buy coupon code

To celebrate the pre-launch of this exciting book for educators, Powerful Learning Press is offering a $3 discount through April 7. Use our coupon code PREBUY at checkout to save $3. Go to the PLPress online store to buy now.

I hope you consider reading it.

3 thoughts on “So What’s My Book About?”

  1. Hi Pernille, you are a very inspiring teacher and I read your blog often. I cannot wait to check out your ebook. Congratulations on such an accomplishment! Thank you for being my mentor from afar!

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