A Personal Post, A Call to Connect

I have never reblogged a post before, but for this one I will make an exception. I think it is vital everyone finds their within education.

Crawling Out of the Classroom

I have started this blog post six different times. Each time, I stopped and erased everything I had written, worried that what I was writing would not accomplish all that I wanted it to accomplish.  This time, I am just going to keep writing and hope that the kind hearts of anyone reading will be enough to help begin something big.  

Four weeks ago, I braved a world that I did not understand and joined Twitter as an educator.  I was instantly amazed, inspired, rejuvenated and captivated by what I found there.  There is this thriving world of teachers who want to learn and share and connect.  It is a place where people gather virtually in order to better themselves so that we can do better for our students.  It. Is. Incredible.  

I felt as if a whole new world opened up to me.  Teaching can be a…

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2 thoughts on “A Personal Post, A Call to Connect”

  1. The math teacher next to me last year was a lesbian. She also got engaged and it was a very happy event. I am not sure that homophobia did not cause some to the problems she had this past year. She ended up leaving our school and going to another. Our district seems to be supportive of LBGT teachers as a whole but this one supervisor did seem to have some issues that went deeper than the classroom. I will forward this information to her in the event she would like to connect.

    I have another issue that separates me from my school and my students. I am Wiccan and that causes no end to issues with our mostly deeply Christian district. Are there other teachers who are witches out there? I only know my best friend and she is lucky to be in a small, very supportive school.

  2. I saw this blog in a chat I was “doing” and RTd her post. I work in an independent school and our LBGT teachers, as all teachers, are respected members of our community. It took courage.

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