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In the Past Four Years

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Four years ago, this is what I wrote on the 23rd of June, 2010

“Blogging can appear self-indulgent at times, yet inspirational at others. Being a teacher is not just a job, it can be an all consuming, never-ending thought process. Wherever I go; whatever I do, I am constantly thinking about whether this is something that can be used in my classroom – can I use this? It is different world view that one never gets quite used to, and sometimes it can be annoying to those close to you, and yet I would not change my life for anything.

To stay current and gain even more inspiration, I read blogs, I comment on them, I share the good ones. So now it is my turn to add my voice to the ever-growing world of bloggers. I hope I have something valuable to say.”

And with that I hit publish and started this blog

In the past four years, I have written from the heart, I have written whatever I was pondering.  I have reflected honestly and outloud, hoping others would reflect along with me.  I have practiced what I blogged.  And I have changed.  Oh boy, have I changed.  I have cried when people have crossed the line from being critical to just plain mean, I have walked with my head held high whenever someone has said that my words has helped them.  My blog has helped me get through hard situations both professionally and personally and have made so many connections.

I have put it all out there and I have gotten so much in return.

I never know when I will blog again.  I never know when inspiration will strike.  I always hope for another post but I never make any promises.  I continue to write for myself, documenting my own journey, hoping to help others find the courage to change, hoping to help others give their students a voice.  And so whenever anyone reads a post, whenever anyone comments, it never ceases to surprise me.  After all, I am just being me, I am just blogging.  I am nothing special.

I am not a hero.  I am not amazing.  I am not a rockstar.

I am simply a teacher who likes to think and happens to write down those thoughts.  Hopefully there will be more posts to come.  Happy 4 years to me and many more.

6 thoughts on “In the Past Four Years”

  1. You have been an inspiration in my blogging journey. You words resonate so strongly with me. My reflections also guide me in my teaching. Thank you for sharing you. @dubioseducator

  2. The term “rockstar” is one that makes me cringe, especially when I see it used to describe educators. We don’t need to look outside our profession to find superlative descriptors, especially when “rockstar” can bring visions of negative excess (money, substance abuse, sex).

    Thanks for putting yourself out there with your blog. I always look forward to reading what you share.

  3. I am an avid blog reader and your blog is the one I love the most. You have great ideas and tell it like it is. You are honest and insightful. Keep blogging!

  4. Following your blog has inspired me to start my own. I had to do a lot of writing for my national board portfolio and want to continue to reflect that way through a blog. Yours is an exemplar model. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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