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Drats – Problems With My Domain Name

When I moved to WordPress a year ago, I also transferred my domain name  to go with me.  However, anyone who has dealt with Blogger bought domain names may know what a hassle this is.  Especially since my blogger account was one of the few that does not link properly to its admin account.  Long story short, as of today does not work.

So if you use that to reference to this blog or if that is the feed you are subscribed to, please update it to (there is an “s” added).

That’s it.  Just another glitch in the blog.  But please update your feed if you need to.  And sorry for any confusion.

1 thought on “Drats – Problems With My Domain Name”

  1. Hi Pernille!

    I used to run a web hosting company, so I’ve dealt with tons of domain-related issues over the years. In your case, it looks like you need to change your nameservers to:


    You will need to login to your account where you have your domain registered in order to do this.

    FTR, I can only see the public records available for your domain name via, so I could be completely wrong. I hope this helps you though.

    Thank you very much for sharing your insights!


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