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Feb. 5th Show the World What the Life of A Student Looks Like – #Studentlife

As connected educators, we do a lot of sharing what our days look like and in extension the day of our students, yet how much of what we share truly gives an entire picture of what it means to be a student these days?  After reading Grant Wiggins’ blog that detailed what an ed-coach found after she followed two high school students around, I cannot help but wonder if we really know what it feels like for our students?  If we really understand what a full day looks like for them?  And more importantly what we possibly can change to make their days better.  So inspired by the hashtag #principalsday that occurred on Twitter, I think it is time we do the same for the students.


On February 5th, I invite students across the world to share pictures from their regular day using the hashtag #studentlife.  Students (or teachers if students are too young) can use Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social network site they choose to share these slices of their life.  What I hope for is a wide variety of images with or without commentary that will allow us educators to see what happens in our students’ days, not just what we think happens.  If you feel like it, you can also have students do this before February 5th and compile their answers into something that can be shared.  This is what I will do using our blogs.

How can you participate?

Share this challenge with your students and invite them to join, remind them to use the hashtag #studentlife.

Add your information in the form below  or in a comment so that I can share your students’ slices with the rest of the world.

Tune in on February 5th through Twitter or Instagram to hopefully see what our students’ days look like.

Help me spread the word on this please, I think it could be really powerful for all of us to see what students really go through in a day in our schools.

5 thoughts on “Feb. 5th Show the World What the Life of A Student Looks Like – #Studentlife”

  1. I’m sorry, I am a bit confused. Are you doing this February 4th or February 5th? I saw both dates listed in different places on the page. Thanks!

  2. Hi Pernille, We are looking forward to participating next week! Are there any other details or updates concerning this project? Have you had much interest?

    1. I am the chief idiot that didn’t ask for emails for all of you participating, so I am not able to email all of you. I will post details here on Monday for everyone to follow!

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