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It Soon Becomes A Reality

Yesterday was the 22nd of August, to us a rather milestone moment, but to the rest of the world probably not so much.  You see yesterday marked the 1 month countdown to the publication of the  2nd edition of my first book Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students.  And while I tend to not use this blog for self promotion, I am so proud of this book and what it might offer for others, that I am breaking my own rule today.

It seems weird to think that a book is a 2nd edition, but there is a very simple reason for it.  The book is no longer owned by its original publishing company due to differing visions and Routledge purchased the rights.  They saw something in the book that made them want to print it as an actual book, release it on Amazon, and market it to the world.  Humbling…

But I didn’t want to just re-package it.  I saw this as a chance to re-write it, to add my students voices even more, and to add what I had learned now being a middle school teacher.  So it is not the same book any more, it is so much better.

This book is for those who need inspiration to change the way they teach.  This book is for those who wonder whether you can really limit homework, limit grades, and get rid of punishment and rewards within our school system.  This book is for those that feel they are doing pretty good as teachers but really need a boost, really need to bring the classroom back to the students again.  This book is for those who like me were just fine teachers but knew there had to be a better way.

So in 1 month, I will get to hold my own book in my hands.  I will get to give it to the world and hope the world responds.  My greatest hope is that one person will read it and it will help them, that my words can make someone else’s life better.  After all, isn’t that what we hope for in our classrooms every day?

PS:  If you would like to preorder the book, please use this link.

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