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This Is For the Ones

This is for the mothers that worry about their children and how they will do in school.  This is for the fathers that lay awake hoping that their children will be loved.  For the grandparents that believe.  For the families that see the good every day, every moment, even when we know we are sometimes fooling ourselves.

This is for all of us that hope every night that tomorrow our child will have the best of days.  That tomorrow their day will be filled with moments where they feel cared for.  Where they feel loved.  Where they feel they belong.  Where they feel that even if they screw up, they will be forgiven.  That even if they fail, they will have room to try again.

That their past mistakes will not chart the path of their future.

That their moments of poor decisions will not define who they are.

That others will see the good like we see the good.

This is for the teachers that ask us parents how they can help rather than judge.

For the teachers who call, not because they want to scold, but because they want to know more.

For the teachers who reach out.  For the teachers who ask.  For the teachers that see every day as a new beginning rather than a continuation of poor past behavior.

This is for you.  For all of you.  For those who refuse to have the outside world shape the narrative of their child.  For those that help us be better so that our kids can be better.

For those who believe that while we cannot change the teachers our children have, we can change the narrative that surrounds our children.  That our words carry power.  That our words are a shield.  That when we speak the truth, even when its ugly, we let others see the beauty that we see in our children, even when they screw up, even when they are less than perfect.

This is for all those former bad kids, whose label preceded them in school.

We have power.  Our words have power.  Let’s never forget that.  Let’s never let our children forget.

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