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There/Their/They’re – A Small Trick

I have been conferencing one-on-one exclusively with my students for the past 2 weeks and one of the things I come across again and again is their inability to distinguish between there/their/they’re; a problem I know many educators run into.  Today, a student and I realized this simple trick,  the other students loved it, so I thought I would share it.

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4 thoughts on “There/Their/They’re – A Small Trick”

  1. I am printing this to go on my wall! My kids continually mess this up. To get them to stop and think about it is a step toward correcting it. Thanks!

  2. Have used these tricks for years. Not in this clever printed format. Maybe if I post it, they will use it. Thanks

  3. How do you incorporate one-on-one conferencing in your seventh grade classroom? I tried earlier this year, but I found it took an extremely long time. I couldn’t even get through my 80 students in one week. Any quick tips? Thanks!

    1. It very much depends on what we are doing and what the purpose of them are. I find some students crave them, others avoid them and sometimes they do not work. I try to do as much as I can but do not beat myself up if they do not happen.

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